Newsletter of the Canadian Association
for the Study of Language and Learning

Volume 17, Number 1, Spring 1999


An editorial by Mary Kooy (page 1)

Literacy autobiographies by education students , edited by Mary Kooy (page 2)

Academics and writing: a student writes, some academics reply, edited by Margaret Procter (page 9)

A discussion of "The Canadian Question" on the CASLL listserv, edited by Roger Graves (page 13)

Minutes of the CASLL general meeting, May 1998 (page 17)

Program and registration form for CASLL Working Conference XVI, Mont Gabriel, Québec (page 19)

Information about the CASLL listserv and Inkshed Web page; Renewing your membership, paying your fees (back cover)

This issue was edited by Mary Kooy and Margaret Procter, University of Toronto,
and its production was subsidized by the University of Toronto.

It is also accessible through the Inkshed Web site, at