Newsletter of the Canadian Association for the Study of Language and Learning


Volume 22, Number 2, Summer 2005


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From the Conference

Commentary on "Wrap Up Discussion," Inkshed XXII White Point Beach
Nan Johnson

The CASLL Conundrum: Corporatizing the CASLL
Russ Hunt

A Performance Piece: The Power of P Words, Punctuated with Percussion
Perspectives from the Periphery of Writing Centre Personnel

Lise de Villiers, Trudy MacCormack, Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier


Review: Conversations about writing: Eavesdropping, inkshedding, and joining in
Tosh Tachino

How Did Rhetoric Get Into Science? And What Is It Doing In There, Anyway?
Rebecca Carruthers Den Hoed

Book Review: Becoming an Authentic Teacher in Higher Education
Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier

From the Editors' Desktops

  This issue was edited by Heather Graves and Roger Graves (University of Western Ontario). It is accessible through the Inkshed Web site, at