Newsletter of the Canadian Association
for the Study of Language and Learning

Volume 18, Number 1, Spring 2000


About Inkshed (page 1)

From the Editor's Notepad, by Barbara Schneider (page 2)

Writing Up / Writing Down a Textual Ethnography: Documentary Practices in a Mental Health Boarding Home, by Kathryn Alexander (pp. 1-5)

The Role of Field Notes in the Construction of Ethnographic Knowledge
by Barbara Schneider (pp. 5-7)

Ethnography in Cyberspace: Data Collection via Email and Instant Messaging
by Jean S. Mason (pp. 7-9)

Watching People Online, by Margaret Procter (pp 9-10)

"Rodeo": Creative Ethnography and Change, by Brenton Faber (pp. 10-12)

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This issue was edited by Barbara Schneider, University of Calgary