Newsletter of the Canadian Association
for the Study of Language and Learning

Volume 18, Number 3, Winter 2000-01


About Inkshed (page 1)

From the Editor's Notepad
by Jo-Anne Andre (page 2)

Questioning Technology
by Dale Jacobs (pp. 3-7)

Web Courseware Authoring Packages: Some Troubled Thoughts
by Doug Brent (pp. 7-9)

Teachers Resist Innovations: Innovations Teachers Resist
by Laura Atkinson, Pat Sadowy, Karen Smith, and Stan Straw (p. 9)

Responding On-Line to Students' Written Work: When and How  Does it Add Value?
by Graham Smart (pp. 10-14)

Virtual Presence, Virtual Absence: The Cheshire Cat Phenomenon on the Web
by John B. Killoran (pp 14-16)

Inkshed 18 Call for Papers

This issue was edited by Jo-Anne Andre, University of Calgary