Minutes of CASLL AGM, 29 May 2014

Minutes taken by Margaret Procter

Present:   Clare Bermingham, Jordana Garbati, Kim Garwood, Heather Graves, Roger Graves, Deborah Knott, Judi Jewinski, Sarah King, Jennifer Lofgreen, Brock MacDonald, Margaret Procter, Jane Russwurm, Boba Samuels, Sheryl Stevenson, Deborah Tihanyi, Stephanie White, Vershawn Ashanti Young.

  1. Agenda, with addition of report on Inkshed Publications under Other Business: moved, Deborah Knott, seconded Heather Graves. Approved.
  2. Minutes from 2013 AGM: moved, Heather Graves, seconded Stephanie White. Approved.
  3. New board members were acclaimed for a three-year term: Clare Bermingham (Waterloo), Kim Garwood (Guelph), Brock MacDonald (Toronto).
  4. Treasurer’s report, presented by Brock MacDonald. The current balance is $9742.26, about $2500 less than last year. Conference expenses and income from memberships had not yet been entered, but Brock noted that the CASLL balance was declining by about $2000 a year. One reason is that few people except attendees at conferences take out memberships: this year, for example, the total of 2014 paid-up members before the conference was only six. Discussion centred on ways to increase the number of paid memberships, and Brock moved (seconded by Roger Graves) that the board look for ways to integrate membership fees with conference registration. A friendly amendment from Stephanie White was accepted, asking the board also to consider and publicize the benefits of membership. Approved. The budget was accepted unanimously.
  5. Brock also noted that the service provider for collecting CASLL and CASDW fees online intends to go out of business within a year, and that both organizations are working with the Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences to find a new service provider.
  6. Plans for next year’s  Inkshed conference were presented and discussed. Roger Graves and Andrea Williams have volunteered to organize it in tandem with Congress at the University of Ottawa (with a local organizer still to be determined). Reflecting the success of a workshop session on publishing at the 2014 CASDW and a one-day Inkshed meeting in Montreal in 2010 that focused on research collaborations, a working session on quantitative research in writing studies is envisaged. Discussion ensued about whether the 2015 Inkshed should be part of CASDW or a freestanding session before or after it, and about whether it could be set up as an Institute, with proposals beforehand and priority given to CASLL members as participants. A suggestion was made for including creative writing as well as research writing. This was recognized as a potentially very popular attraction, which would require restrictions and caps on participation.
  7. Roger Graves presented a report on Inkshed Publications. With the help of a $2500 grant from CASLL last year, production of two new books is planned for 2015, with another book to be reprinted in summer 2014. Both the new books bring funding with them: Genre 2012, edited by Artemeva and Freedman, will require only about $1000 from the Inkshed Publications budget; Assignments Across the Disciplines, edited by Roger Graves, will incur no cost to the budget. Two Sides to a Story by McLeod-Rogers will be reprinted and also upgraded in quality as an online PDF at very little cost. With a current balance of $4850, Inkshed Publications is seeking more publication projects. A call for proposals was circulated.
  8. The report also noted questions about the status of Inkshed Publications as a business entity. The US Internal Revenue Service now expects reporting of US income from editors whose names are on file with the former Trafford Publishing, now part of a US publishing company. It would be possible to move the printing for Inkshed Publications to another Canadian company to avoid that problem. Inkshed Publications could also consider becoming a non-profit corporation or a non-profit society, to be registered either nationally or provincially.
  9. A general motion of thanks was made to Judi Jewinski and Kim Garwood for organizing a successful and stimulating Inkshed 30 conference.
  10. Deborah Knott moved to adjourn, seconded by Sarah King. Approved.

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