January 2015 Newsletter

The 2015 Inkshed conference will consist of a group writing experience, so it’s appropriate to start the first 2015 Inkshed Newsletter with an account of how well such an event can work. Françoise Moreau-Johnson of the University of Ottawa offers an intriguing analysis of the faculty writing retreat that expanded into recurring workshops and regular one- and three-day events where professors sit down together to write, discuss writing, and comment on each other’s writing. Theories of social support explain some of the results, but participants’ own voices are even more inspiring. It’s worth noting too that Moreau-Johnson developed this article over several of her own retreats, drawing on comments and suggestions from her fellow-participants.

If you have lost your zest for reading and thinking about style and usage, Rachael Cayley’s review of Steven Pinker’s new book supplies some reasons to reconsider.

And, finally, to remind us all that Canadian writing programs are world-class, here’s a note about the third one to win a CCCC Certificate of Excellence.




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