Two Poems by Carl Leggo

Many Ways to Write a Poem

I was going to spend
Monday writing a poem
but Mirabelle is ill
and her Papa alone
has a flexible schedule
so poetry will wait
while I wait on
my granddaughter
who needs her Papa
like a sturdy sonnet

and one day when
she reads this poem
I trust she will know
any poem I might write
could never satisfy
like this poem written
quickly in the gaps
of a few moments
while she slept fitfully
curled in my arms


you run to your Papa
leap into my arms
full of joy
for stories

you do not have
words     we read
the texts
scribbled between
letters    words    lines
songs of love

always    yearning
to learn

one day
you will call out

I hope
I remember these days
when you invited
careful attention

writing the unknown
line    collaboratively
finding our way

you breathe into me
a sentence with
no punctuation
no capitalization

we speak
in cipher
the body’s language
a wild imagining

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