Minutes of CASLL AGM, 2013



Present: Kathryn Alexander, Heather Graves, Roger Graves, Amanda Goldrick-Jones, Dana Landry, Brock MacDonald, Shurli Makmillen, Anne Parker, Katharine Patterson (chair), Michelle Reidlinger, Barbara Rose, Graham Shaw, Dena Taylor, Tatiana Teslenko, Diana Wegner (minutes)

  1. Agenda approved (Amanda, Heather).
  2. Minutes of 2012 meeting: Approved with no corrections (Dena, Barbara).
  3. New board members: two new members were acclaimed for 3 year terms, Barbara Rose and Dena Taylor.
  4. Treasurer’s report: Brock provided a financial statement, noting that none of this year’s expenses have gone through the budget yet. He estimated costs of this year’s conference to be about $3,000. A motion was passed to balance out the CASDW/CASLL arrangement for paying fees for online memberships, so that CASLL will pay a more proportionate cost (Brock, Roger). Katharine P. noted it would be useful to have a membership secretary separate from the treasurer who receives the conference fees. The sense of the meeting was that this should be put to the Board for a decision. A motion was passed that the Board create an ad hoc conference membership secretary position and recruit a local member on next year’s conference planning committee (Dena, Anne).
  5. Inkshed publications: Roger referred to the handout and invited submissions, noting the new category of “Studies” for manuscripts that are longer than an article, but shorter than a monograph. He noted that there are two streams of publication: pedagogy and research/theory. There was a discussion about alternatives to the current arrangement with Trafford, given the very limited balance in the publications budget ($2267.99). Roger indicated that publishing costs included payment for a professional proofreader, formatting work, and possible small numbers of print copies. A motion was passed that Inkshed/CASLL transfer $2500 to the Inkshed bank account (Roger, Brock) to cover these costs. Discussion also touched on the possibility of open access and the functions of the Inkshed newsletter (which could include short papers like the aboriginal bibliography that has been planned).
  6. The 2013 Inkshed blog: There was a consensus that favoured the use of the blog during the conference, that it should be continued for now to keep the conversation going, but that at some point it should be shut down and archived. There was a suggestion that one option would be to then move it onto the newsletter blog site, which anyone can join.
  7. Next Inkshed Conference: Brock University. Judy Jewinski and Heather Graves volunteered to do the local planning. They will coordinate the conference with CWCA and Congress. It was agreed to schedule it before CASDW. There was much discussion on managing the timing of Inkshed around CASDW and CWCA. The consensus was that Inkshed should be timed so that members should have to pay for only one airfare.
  8. Adjournment (Michelle). This was followed by an informal vote of thanks to the 2013 organizing committee

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