January 2014 Newsletter


This issue of the newsletter will confirm once again that Inkshed is a live organization—one that holds meetings and exchanges ideas about studying and teaching language and literacy in Canada.

The Call for Proposals for Inkshed’s 30th annual conference, to be held in Waterloo, Ontario from May 27 to 29, 2014 has just been posted in the Conferences page of the Inkshed site. In preparation for the 2014 Annual General Meeting at that conference, this newsletter sets out the minutes of the 2013 AGM in Vancouver and also a list of current CASLL-L board members.

Theresa Hyland’s article on Multilingual Learners is a worthy addition to the teaching-focussed discussions that Inkshed has been sponsoring for 30 years. She grounds her discussion in a readable overview of theory and research about help-seeking behaviour, self-efficacy, and cultural capital, and then offers six practical teaching strategies for writing centres that would also work well in classrooms. Do you agree with her analysis? Have you used approaches that could be called “negotiated practice”? The Reply box at the end of the article invites you to send your comments for a little pre-conference inkshedding.

To round out the issue, Carl Leggo gives us two poems about the miracle of pre-linguistic communication between a child called Mirabelle and her grandfather. Carl has contributed witty and touching poems about language and literacy to Inkshed for many years, including three in the September 2013 newsletter.

** By the way, did you know there was a September 2013 newsletter? It was created in the right month, but hoped-for contributions didn’t arrive, so it was never declared finished. Besides Carl’s three poems, the only other piece there is my report to the Inkshed AGM of June 2013, in which I complained that nobody ever sent anything to the newsletter…. Not quite true, obviously, but more evidence to the contrary would be welcome!

(page May 22 to include link to 2013 AGM Minutes)


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