January 2012 Newsletter


The first issue of the new Inkshed newsletter celebrates both newness and collaboration.

  • It starts with Susan Drain‘s gleeful minutes from the May 2011 meeting in Fredericton, where a roomful of people committed themselves to continuing and expanding the tradition of informal Inkshed conferences and other opportunities for interaction and discussion, all under the aegis of the Canadian Association for the Study of Language and Learning (CASLL). (See also the call for the upcoming Inkshed 28 conference in May 2012.)
  • Theresa Hyland expands on her remarks at that same meeting about the need for Canadian writing programs to adapt to, and shape, new conditions for teaching. She notes several trends and their accompanying challenges, and asks for further commentary and views.
  • Jean Mason, Janice Fung, and Wendy Freeman provide one example of innovation in their account of the inventive course structures for the new Masters of Professional Communication program at Ryerson University. They note their own collaboration as teachers, outline the combinations of theory and practice that underpin the program, and describe their students’ use of new media, with links to some fascinating samples.
  • Carl Leggo rounds out the set with three poems about language and meaning. Enjoy their wit and savour their insight!


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