April 2012 Newsletter


It’s spring, your marking is nearly done, and it’s time to read and reflect again. This second issue of the new Inkshed Newsletter will give you lots to think about and enjoy, with topics ranging from the worth of poetry-writing to the nature and value of writing studies in Canada. These pieces will make you laugh, make you cry, make you wonder, and make you want to come to the 2012 Inkshed Conference to hear and say more.

Andrea Williams has written the first published review of the new collection on the place of writing in the knowledge society; Doug Brent follows with thoughts (he says curmudgeonly, I say stimulating) about the state of writing instruction in Canada; Leora Freedman tells a thought-provoking story about using a strange piece of contemporary art to elicit real discussion in the classroom; Carl Leggo gives us a poem about poetry and a reflection on what it’s worth; and Nancy Johnston tells us about a poet who represents a new way of teaching writing and creativity.

Now it’s your turn to talk back. Each piece is followed by a box inviting a reply, which will be displayed following the article and listed in the sidebar. You’re also welcome to post a new short piece of your own, or to send me an article towards the next issue of the Newsletter.

Thanks to the five authors who created this collection of spring reading, the group of reviewers who read and gave advice, and the site designer Tania Smith, who has made our pages navigable.


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