Minutes of CASLL AGM, May 30, 2012

Canadian Association for the Study of Language and Learning, Annual General Meeting, May 30, 2012

Margaret Procter called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.

1. Approval of the Agenda: MOVED (Russ Hunt) and seconded (Dena Taylor) THAT the agenda be approved as circulated. CARRIED.

2. Approval of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2011:MOVED (Anne Parker) and seconded (Kathryn Alexander) THAT the minutes be approved with the corrections noted below. CARRIED.

     Corrections:  Item 7, Other Business, the words “hoped to organize” should be replaced by “was discussing organizing.”

     Business Arising from the Minutes, Membership Fees (Item 5): a) MOVED (Brock MacDonald on behalf of the Board) THAT membership fees be waived for those who paid for a membership in 2011, and that new members pay at the 2011 rates. DEFEATED. Chief discussion points were that more monies would enable greater support for students and underemployed, and that the availability of such support is a desirable feature of applications to other funding sources. b) MOVED (Kenna Manos) and seconded (Brian Hotson) THAT, subject to the availability of funds, as determined by the Board, financial support be made available to subsidize the attendance of students and the underemployed at Inkshed conferences. CARRIED

3. Election of the Board of Directors: Kathryn Alexander and Tyler Evans-Tokaryk were nominated and acclaimed to three-year terms. Congratulations and thanks were warmly expressed by the members present.

4. 2013 Conference Committee: The meeting accepted with alacrity and great pleasure the offer of Katharine Patterson to chair a conference planning committee for an Inkshed conference in Vancouver BC, either immediately before or immediately after CASDW in Victoria in 2013.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Brock MacDonald circulated a financial statement dated May 24, 2012 with a healthy bottom line. a) MOVED (Michael Ryan) and seconded (Russ Hunt) acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report. CARRIED. b) MOVED (Susan Drain) and seconded (Kenna Manos) THAT up to $2500 be made available as seed money to the organizers of the 2013 conference. CARRIED. c) MOVED (Tyler Evans-Tokaryk)  and seconded  (Brock MacDonald) THAT CASLL institute permanent memberships fees until such time as the Board decides otherwise, and furthermore that those fees be set at $40 (regular) and $20 (students and un[der]employed). CARRIED. d) Agreed by consensus that the treasurer of CASLL approach the treasurer of CASDW with a view to setting up membership payments through the CASDW website. Brock MacDonald undertook this task and also to issue a call for 2012 memberships.

6. Inkshed Publications Report: A report was circulated. Roger Graves confirmed that he had moved an inventory of books to Edmonton in 2011, and that Miriam Horne’s book was in production.  It was agreed by consensus that the remaining inventory held in storage in Winnipeg should be trashed; that Roger Graves will keep the Edmonton inventory in order to send copies to research libraries and to new members of CASLL; and that Inkshed Publications would have a visible presence at the 2012 Inkshed Conference.
MOVED (Russ Hunt) and seconded (Marian MacKeown) a vote of thanks to Roger Graves for his work on behalf of Inkshed Publications. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

7. Relationship with other organizations: Marian MacKeown reported that CWCA has voted to stay as an interest group of STLHE for two more years, there being a common concern for pedagogy; she noted, in addition, that members also shared the more theoretical concerns of other writing studies associations. On behalf of CWCA, Marian MacKeown expressed thanks to the organizers of Inkshed 28 for the emphasis on Writing Centres in the 2012 programme.

8. Other Business: Margaret Procter expressed the sense of the meeting in warmly thanking all those involved in the successful 2012 conference just concluded: Nancy Johnston and Brock MacDonald, conference co-chairs; Sarah King, Deborah Knott and Dena Taylor, program committee; Patricia Patchet-Golubev, Nellie Perret, and J. Barbara Rose, local arrangements. The excellence of the space, the food, and the audio-visual support were particularly noted.

9. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned upon a motion by Russ Hunt and Marian MacKeown.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Drain, Mount Saint Vincent University.

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