August 2012 Newsletter


Here’s a little reading to orient yourself for the start of Fall term. Susan Drain’s minutes of the 2012 AGM remind us of the healthy state of CASLL, reflecting the success of the large and lively Inkshed 28 conference in Toronto. Then three more pieces display the range of approaches in Canadian writing studies. The first, by Lucie Moussu, reviews an innovative new book using narrative case studies to connect theory and learning in second-language acquisition, outlining situations many of us will recognize in our students and ourselves. The second piece describes a new online collection of articles about world writing programs that includes two pieces about the University of Alberta and the University of Winnipeg as its Canadian examples. Finally, an interview of Margaret Procter by Christina Grant shows one perspective on program development over the past 20 years at the University of Toronto.

The upcoming 2012-13 Inkshed Newsletters need contributors, and the articles here may suggest some directions. Please consider writing a brief description of your own program, starting from the survey questions listed in the piece about world writing programs. More case-study stories about learning or teaching would also help illuminate what we’re all doing. And how about sending in your presentation from Inkshed 28? You could give us your slides in PDF form, or you could write up an informal account of what you said and the conversations that ensued.


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