April 2013 Newsletter


Inkshed conferences have always been good places to share information about what we’re each doing in our different institutions, and Inkshed Newsletter now offers even more chances for that kind of information-sharing.

This newsletter starts with Roger Graves’ two pieces about changes and development in the University of Alberta programs. The first outlines why writing instruction is important, picking up from Doug Brent’s prize-winning publications about the ways students transform university instruction into workplace skills. The second outlines how writing instruction can be set up across an Arts curriculum, picking up from Roger’s chapter (with Heather Graves) in a collection reviewed in the August 2012 Inkshed Newsletter.

Roger’s pieces were written for discussion by colleagues and administrators at U of A. They are descriptive as well as analytic, making their case through clear reasoning and sensible explanations. Lots of Inkshedders have probably written comparable notes for annual reports, presentations to administrative bodies, or general viewing on websites.This space is open for sharing more such pieces. They can only enrich our knowledge and our conversation.




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