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Just Published in March 2017:

Cross-Border Networks in Writing Studies. Derek Mueller, Andrea Williams, Louise Wetherby Phelps, and Jennifer Clary-Lemon. 2017. Published in association with Parlor Press. Available from and in March 2017. Available through, Parlour Press, or by emailing Roger Graves (if you are in Canada and want to avoid duty costs)

 CROSS-BORDER NETWORKS IN WRITING STUDIES coordinates mixed methods approaches to survey, interview, and case study data to study Canadian writing studies scholars. The authors argue for networked disciplinarity, the notion that ideas arise and flow through intellectual networks that connect scholars not only to one another but to widening networks of human and nonhuman actors. Although the Canadian field is historically rooted in the themes of location and national culture, expressing a tension between Canadian independence and dependence on the US field, more recent research suggests a more hybridized North American scholarship rather than one defined in opposition to “rhetoric and composition” in the US. In tracing identities, roles, and rituals of nationally bound considerations of how disciplinarity has been constructed through distant and close methods, this multi-scaled, multi-scopic approach examines the texture of interdependent constructions of the Canadian discipline.

Our latest:

Genre Studies around the Globe: Beyond the Three Tradition. Eds. Natasha Artemeva and Aviva Freedman. 2015. This book contains Janet Giltrow’s chapter, “Form alone: The Supreme Court of Canada reading historical treaties,” winner of the 2016 CASDW Research Award for best journal article or book chapter published in 2015. The volume also includes chapters from Carolyn Miller, John Swales, Charles Bazerman, J. R. Martin, Vijay Bhatia, Chris Tardy, Anis Bawarshi, and Anne Freadman.

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Miriam Horne, Writing in a Community of Practice: Composing Membership in Inkshed, 2012

Natasha Artemeva and Aviva Freedman, eds., Rhetorical Genre Studies and Beyond, 2006. Out of print; available as a pdf here.

Martin Behr, Critical Moments in the Rhetoric of Kenneth Burke: Implications for Composition, 1996.

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Roger Graves, Writing Instruction in Canadian Universities, 1994.

Roger and Heather Graves, eds., Writing Centres, Writing Seminars, Writing Culture: Writing Instruction in Anglo-Canadian Universities, 2006.

Jaqueline McLeod Rogers, Two Sides to a Story: Gender Difference in Student Narrative, 1994. Out of print. Available as a pdf here with a new introduction.

Catherine F. Schryer and Laurence Steven, eds., Contextual Literacy: Writing Across the Curriculum, 1994.