To discourage escalating spam attacks, the Register link has been
temporarily disabled. To register for the site and contribute as
outlined below, please email Margaret Procter and ask to be added
to the user list.

Register for the site  by using the “Register” link in our sidebar or footer by following instructions in the note inserted above. Registering will enable you to

    • submit blog posts
    • edit your own posts
    • manage your public profile
    • comment on any of our posts, articles, or pages.

Contribute a blog post by using the Posts / Add New button on the page that opens when you log in. Your first post will be reviewed by the site moderator, just to avoid spam; after that, you’re an approved blogger.

Contribute a newsletter piece by contacting the site moderator (currently Margaret Procter) and sending your file. Let the moderator know whether you want your newsletter piece to be peer-reviewed (and to be labelled as such).


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