Inkshed 31: Ottawa 2015

I came across a Twitter posting just now with a link to an article on the NYTimes called “The End of Genius”:
The call for dialogic thinking is nothing new for Inkshedders, of course, but it served as a nice summary of the thinking that initially inspired the Inkshed conference. And that inspired me to communicate with the rest of this list about next year’s conference.

What we’re planning
The conference organizers are Andrea Williams, Deborah Tihanyi, and Roger Graves. We’ve tentatively identified Thursday, May 28, 2015 as the date in Ottawa at the Mill Street Brew Pub. One month before the face-to-face conference, we’ll open up a website called “The Game of Writing” ( that we’ve developed here at the University of Alberta. In this online environment, we’ll encourage Inkshedders to draft, exchange ideas, comment, and post their work. The writing done on the site will form the basis for the face-to-face conference: it will be presented, workshopped, and responded to with the assumption that the attendees will have seen earlier versions of the work on the Game of Writing website. We’re also planning to have one or two formal speakers/discussions.
Who should attend?
We hope all members of the writing studies community (CWCA, CASDW, CSSR, & Inkshed) will attend. We invite members to bring their creative, administrative, public, and academic writing projects to the site to develop them and to the conference to get feedback to them.

We’ll do this in the context of the dialogic model of thinking and creating that originally inspired Inkshed and remains its touchstone. We’ll post more information about the conference as it becomes available. For now. mark the date: Thursday, May 28, 2015

Where will it be held?

We have selected as the location for Inkshed 31 The Mill Street Brew Pub, 555 Wellington St. Ottawa ( Located on the banks of the Ottawa River a 15 minute walk from the Parliament buildings in downtown Ottawa, the Mill Street Brew Pub is rated as #98 of 2158 restaurants in Ottawa (

There is plenty of free parking, and the walking and bicycling paths that lead from downtown Ottawa pass right by the front door. There is also space to sit outside, write, and relax as you work on whatever you happen to be writing on May 28, 2015. The upstairs conference room has many windows and flexible seating to allow us to gather in either small or large groups, as we see fit. There are also some nooks and crannies that would enable you to work on your own should the need arise. And yes, there is free wireless.
Hope to see you there!

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