Inkshed 30 Keynote Speaker, Vershawn Young

Meet our Keynote speaker, Vershawn Young!

Code Meshing, World Englishes, Linguistic Hybridity Now! But How? 


Vershawn Ashanti Young (aka Dr. Vay) grew up in Chicago’s housing projects and went on to earn three advanced degrees: master’s degrees in performance studies and educational administration, and a doctorate in English. Currently Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Kentucky, he is particularly interested in issues dealing with African American language, literature, gender (masculinity), and performance/performativity. His writing is engaging and current. In addition to his most recent publication, Other People’s English, Dr. Vay is the author or editor of three other books including a focus on African American literary and performance studies as well as sociolinguistics and literacy.

What is performance rhetoric? Here’s how Dr. Vay explains it:  Performance rhetoric looks at the way in which people perform with their bodies and use language in daily life. I analyze how people walk and talk, how they inflect their voices, and why they do it that way. I write my research up and translate it into a performance so people can see it. And then I act it out.

Be prepared for a fabulously educational performance from Dr. Vay at Inkshed 30 in Waterloo from May 27 – 29, 2014!


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