Summer Reading: June 2014 Newsletter

The seventh Inkshed newsletter is now available, with lots for thinking and responding.

Don’t miss Doug Brent’s piece about learning from librarians, or the tastes and reminders of the stimulating Inkshed 30 conference in Waterloo: a WordCloud showing responses to the plenary talk, an amusing report by WLU participants on experiments with technology in their writing centre, and U of T and Windsor advice and questions about teaching writing in other people’s classrooms.

Theresa Hyland also shares her answer to a sensible question: why are there so many writing-studies conferences each spring? If you have a different answer, or a different take on that fact, please say so by using the response box that follows the article.

The capstone is the minutes of the 2014 AGM, which reveal among other tidbits the location of next year’s conference(s).

All of these pieces invite further thoughts. Please share yours by using the response boxes on the site or by writing your own article for the next newsletter.