Newsletter of the Canadian Association
for the Study of Language and Learning

Volume 20, Number 2, Spring 2003


From the Editor's Notepad
by Jane Milton
About Inkshed
Worlds Apart or a Global Village:
Rethinking the Workplace/Classroom Distinction
by Roger Graves
Traveling in Space and Time: A Study of Learning Trajectories in Student Acquisition of Engineering Communication Strategies
by Natasha Artemeva
Current trends and issues in the qualitative research literature: A bibliography
by Natasha Artemeva
(And a couple of useful online bibliographies)
Current Projects
(what Inkshedders are up to)
Technostyle special issue announcement
Inkshed 20
Conference Information Web site, including the very preliminary program, registration and room forms, and site information

This issue was edited by Jane Milton, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

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